Innovative Downhole Solutions provides contract engineering and manufacturing services to a variety of companies throughout the oil and gas industry.  Our staff of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers have decades of experience in developing LWD, MWD, and Wireline tools, which  makes us uniquely equipped to provide engineering services for a wide variety of products. We specialize in innovating solutions to increase production of oil and gas reservoirs through unique measurements.  We are committed to a safe and enjoyable workplace that attracts top talent in the oil and gas industry.

Our philosophy is to identify difficulties in current markets and create opportunities for potential solutions.  We believe that understanding the problem is key in identifying the solution.  Working closely with service companies and operators gives us an insight into the problems and recruiting top engineering talent allows us to find the right solutions.  

​For more information or if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss potential business opportunity, please send an email with your request to information@innovativedhs.com

Our current portfolio consists of a number of projects developed specifically for certain clients.  Due to the confidential nature of the work, the details of the work are not published on our web site at this time.

We understand that maintaining confidential information regarding technology development is critical to our clients.  Innovative Downhole Solutions is committed to maintaining all confidential information of your business and technology.   All information obtained during the course of the project are protected by a non-nondisclosure agreement.  This confidential information will only be used internally  and will be stored with restricted access.  One of the employment requirements at Innovative Downhole Solutions is that all employees sign non-disclosure agreements.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual property developed during the course of the project belongs to the client if the project is fully funded by the client.  In some circumstances, intellectual property is shared between two parties including Innovative Downhole Solutions.  Intellectual property developed during the course of an internal project funded by Innovative Downhole Solutions belongs to Innovative Downhole Solutions.  In this case, a license to the technology can be obtained by the client.